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Apnea Monitor Program

Nation’s Home Medical Equipment strives for excellence in providing high quality home medical equipment and clinical respiratory services to patients with compassion and individualized care.

Our apnea monitor program includes comprehensive instruction with the baby’s family and caregivers by our highly trained clinicians. A home apnea monitor is a portable machine used to monitor a baby’s heartbeat and breathing after coming home from the hospital. Babies that are known to be at risk for episodes of apnea or bradycardia are placed on monitors that are set to alarm if the baby’s breathing or heart rate go below certain limits. Most infants outgrow this problem by the time they are two-to four-months old.

Nation’s Home Medical Equipment clinicians will educate the family and caregivers regarding all components of the apnea monitor including lead placement, alarms, battery operation and monitor downloading. We will also teach you what to do for your baby if he or she should stop breathing at home.

Apnea monitor memories are downloaded by Nation’s clinicians for physician interpretation. We continue follow-up in the home through physician consultation related to the monitor download, additional education and setting adjustments.