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Home Ventilator Program

Nation’s Home Medical Equipment strives for excellence in providing high quality home medical equipment and clinical respiratory services to patients with compassion and individualized care. Our highly trained staff, including respiratory therapists, implements a unique and detailed plan of care for each patient in conjunction with their medical practitioners.

Our ventilator program serves both the pediatric and adult population with ventilator equipment provided to meet their specific needs. Our clinicians provide an extensive evaluation prior to discharge to ensure a safe transition to the home setting. The ventilator is initially brought in to the hospital to begin patient and caregiver training. We also perform a home safety inspection in preparation for the patient discharge. Once home, our clinicians continue to follow up with the patient/caregiver by providing additional training, as well as to ensure that all other clinical, equipment and supply needs are appropriate.

Our ventilator program emphasizes extensive care, provider pre-discharge training, post-discharge follow-up and continued support. Quality assurance is also a primary factor and is enhanced by our policy of only using current, state of the art equipment. The goals of this program include improved quality of life for the patient, prevention of complications and to maintain a safe home care environment.